SAFE Foods, Citramin Colloidal Minerals - 500ml

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Full spectrum Fulvic and Sea derived Colloidal Minerals.  

* Vegan Friendly

* Gluten Free

* Lactose Free

Citramin minerals provides almost every conceivable mineral and trace element in an organic, colloidal form.  Citramin is a unique mineral complex, which brings together the alps and the ocean.

At the end of the last ice age, melting glaciers created a one of a kind organic fluvic (plant-based) mineral-rich lake in Austria.  More than 700 identified herbs and flowers were swept down the mountainside into a valley, forming a black liquid that contains an abundance of readily absorbable plant-based minerals.

Combined with low-sodium concentrated sea minerals, Citramin minerals are unparalleled in its ability to deliver a full spectrum of minerals directly into the body’s cells where they are required.

Minerals are fundamental for human life: they are micronutrients that are required for the metabolism of other nutrients, and are vital for:

* avoiding the build-up of heavy metals

* facilitating electrical conductivity

* building hormones and enzymes

* aiding oxygen transportation

* maintaining muscle tone

* increasing vitality

* promoting healthy ageing

* supporting digestion, assimilation and maintenance of pH within the bowel (which allows the beneficial flora to thrive)

Ingredients: vegetative mineral extract, sea mineral concentrate, orange extract, purified water.


SAFE Foods, Citramin Colloidal Minerals - 500ml
SAFE Foods, Citramin Colloidal Minerals - 500ml
SAFE Foods, Citramin Colloidal Minerals - 500ml